How To Get Him To Love You Again – Proven Steps To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Chase You Again

The breakup was your ex boyfriend’s idea and but not something you wanted. That is what is making you so desperate to get him to love you again. You thought everything was going fine and in one moment your world fell apart. But you can still have that future of which you have always dreamed with him. Use these proven tips to make your ex boyfriend chase you again.

When a breakup occurs, it almost always leaves one person behind in a confused state and with emotions running wild. If your guy told you he needed a break or space, the one left behind was you. This is a crucial time for your relationship. Your ex is upset and unhappy about something. You may or may not know the reason he broke up with you, but do not make it worse.

If you go running after him and telling him you cannot live without him, even if you get him back, he will own you. You will live in constant fear of losing him again and he will control you like a robot. You cannot allow that to happen. It is vital that you make him feel that he cannot live without you and gain the upper hand. That is the only way you can make your ex boyfriend chase you again.

To make him love you again, you will have to stop having any contact with him. That might sound crazy to you, because your idea is probably to stay close to him. But, your ex boyfriend can never miss you if you are always around, and it is very important to make him miss you. Once he sees that you are not going to try to get him back, his whole way of thinking will change.

Men are naturally very possessive, and if you take something away from them that they feel is theirs, they will fight to get it back. Since he still considers you his girlfriend, if you make him think you no longer want him, he will want you back. This is male psychology and the way men’s mind works. That is what makes having no contact with him work so well.

To your ex boyfriend, you are rejecting him. That is another part of male psychology, men cannot stand rejection. Put rejection and the feeling that he might be losing you together and he will be as emotional as you were when he broke up with you. Suddenly, he will realize how much he loves you and needs you in his life. This will make him desperate to get you back, and your ex boyfriend will chase you again.

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