How to Kiss a Girl, the Internet, and Intuition

The Internet makes it possible for virtually anyone to post a thought and to see the truth of that thought resonate with others throughout the world. I had an experience recently that brought that home to me in a poignant way.

I had published an online article about intuition and dreams. The article discussed that many famous novels had come to their authors in dreams: Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Steven King’s Misery, for example. The article went on to discuss that the solution to many practical problems had also come through dreams, as it had for Elias Howe’s invention of the sewing machine and Jack Nicklaus’ golf swing. Finally, the article noted that many famous songs, including Paul McCartney’s Yesterday, had come to the songwriters in their dreams.

When the article was published, I received the following message from a reader:

“This may sound strange, but it relates directly to your article. I remember that the night before the first time I ever made out with a girl I had a dream that was basically an instructional on how to kiss a girl. I’m sure it was my subconscious sensing that the probability of that happening was increasing, and pulling together all knowledge I had on the subject before the event. Not as cool as inventing the sewing machine, or writing Yesterday, but still the right advice at the right time!”

I loved this practical, heart warming tale not only of intuition in a young life, but also of the recognized interconnection between the intuition described in the article and the intuition acting in the young dream. Just for fun, I typed “how to kiss a girl” into Google–and it returned 100 million results!

The reader’s message and my Google search caused me to think about intuition and the Internet. In the final analysis, intuition is the awareness of the interconnectedness of all things. The famous French paleontologist Pierre Teillhard de Chardin theorized in the middle of the last century that humanity’s next great evolutionary step was to develop a global mind of consciousness and information.

“A global mind of consciousness and information.” That’s a pretty good description of intuition, and an even better description of the Internet.

A global mind of consciousness and information that anyone can use—even for learning how best to make their first romantic kiss.

Jim Wawro, Author, Ask Your Inner Voice ( ). While trying cases as an international lawyer, I discovered that some people have learned the secret to actively calling on inspiration whenever they need it. My books reveal the proven methods used by history’s greats and regular people alive today for actively tapping into the wisdom that resides within you. Learn more at Please share your reactions to this article in the comment box below.

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